Hello this is my diary

Don’t worry you haven’t hacked me. It’s supposed to be here!

Be aware that I deal with depression and anxiety and in these I don’t sugar coat if it’s a bad day. Content warning and that.

It should go without saying but just to be clear I’m not going to give away anyone else’s personal or under-NDA information in this. If an entry seems particularly empty it’s probably because I was doing something I decided not to write about rather than just me sitting there twiddling my thumbs! That’s the story I’m sticking to in any case.

If you’re one of those types of people that needs to inhale everything in a binge (my kind of people) here’s the link to the first entry. You’ll find pagination at the bottom of each post. There’s also an RSS feed if you’re into that sort of thing!


  • Wed 05 May

    I need more morning obligations.. except I will hate it.

  • Tue 04 May

    Remind me to chill out with sponsors

  • Mon 03 May

    Today I realised it’s a bank holiday

  • Sun 02 May

    You ever get it where you’re like.. am I just an arsehole?

  • Fri 30 Apr

    Didn’t eat the chocolate bar. Gonna reward myself with a choc… forget it.

  • Thu 29 Apr

    Today someone said their piece

  • Wed 28 Apr

    Todo list

  • Tue 27 Apr

    Today my stocks did the sex number

  • Mon 26 Apr

    Today I had another lovely day. Sun and everything. And it’s a Monday.. what.

  • Sat 24 Apr

    Today I tweeted

  • Fri 23 Apr

    Today people visited this page

  • Thu 22 Apr

    Sup. If I don’t replace this teaser text I hope you have a great day.

  • Tue 20 Apr

    Today I managed to double book the only two things I’ve agreed to do since lockdown began.

  • Mon 19 Apr

    Today I am gonna be honest with you

  • Sun 18 Apr

    Today I’ve been thinking about content again

  • Sat 17 Apr

    Finally managed to get this blog working as a Docker container.

  • Fri 16 Apr

    Today I want to learn how to Kubernetes

  • Thu 15 Apr

    I am doing great honestly.

  • Wed 14 Apr

    Feeling back on top

  • Tue 13 Apr

    Back to work back to reality

  • Sun 11 Apr

    Today I..

  • Sat 10 Apr

    Today I saw am American bragging about their ability to binge drink

  • Thu 08 Apr

    I haven’t written anything in a minute because I’m letting myself be on holiday haha

  • Fri 02 Apr

    Today I..

  • Thu 01 Apr

    Today I..

  • Tue 30 Mar

    Oh it’s tomorrow haha..

  • Sun 28 Mar


  • Fri 26 Mar

    Today I put new boxers on

  • Wed 24 Mar

    I fed the ducks today

  • Tue 23 Mar

    It’s already been a week since I tried to off myself. Time flies like a banana.

  • Mon 22 Mar

    Today I didn’t go for a walk but I did trip over.

  • Sun 21 Mar

    It’s actually a really nice day. I should go for a walk. Technology tho.

  • Sat 20 Mar

    Today I am a shill. Also quite vain.

  • Fri 19 Mar

    I misunderstood work.

  • Thu 18 Mar

    Urgent mode kicked into full gear today and I think I hit 100% capability!

  • Wed 17 Mar

    Same shit, the next day.

  • Tue 16 Mar

    I’m still here. Pay no attention to the piece of shit behind the curtain.

  • Sat 13 Mar

    Today I got a buzz without taking any drugs

  • Fri 12 Mar

    Today I..

  • Thu 11 Mar

    Had a call rgds ADHD.

  • Wed 10 Mar

    Whinging, just move on honestly.

  • Tue 09 Mar

    Bottled it lmao

  • Mon 08 Mar

    Today I decided to stream, tomorrow.

  • Sun 07 Mar

    what up monday

  • Sat 06 Mar

    I feel motivated today.. IT IS POSSIBLE!

  • Fri 05 Mar

    Today I ran away from my problems.

  • Thu 04 Mar

    I tried to ask other Twitch streamers for thoughts and I’m butthurt because they downvoted me.

  • Wed 03 Mar

    Grabbed some of that savory Huel.. Spoilers I liked it

  • Tue 02 Mar

    I woke up feeling half dead today.

  • Mon 01 Mar

    Pinch, punch, first of the monthch.

  • Sat 27 Feb

    I’ve been tinkering. I mean I usually have but aye today too.

  • Thu 25 Feb

    I managed to fill out a form and ride a bike today.

  • Wed 24 Feb

    I put a book onto all of my sound pads. It sounded like the inside of my mind. If you turn the volume down you’re cheating.

  • Tue 23 Feb

    I havent really got a teaser for this one so don’t bother reading it.

  • Mon 22 Feb

    Man, Mondays, am I right?

  • Sun 21 Feb

    Time to fix me.

  • Sat 20 Feb

    Just bein a dick

  • Fri 19 Feb

    I need to talk to creative people

  • Thu 18 Feb

    I’m basically convinced ADHD is the problem but I’ll let the doctors tell me for reals

  • Wed 17 Feb

    Don’t self-therapise.

  • Tue 16 Feb

    I almost forgot about you there. Which is kinda relevant.

  • Mon 15 Feb

    Gonna go rob a bank. Writing this publicly so I can never do it to stop myself planning it without me realising.

  • Sun 14 Feb

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Sat 13 Feb

    Unlucky for some

  • Thu 11 Feb

    I love how reddit hates laugh tracks in TV shows but needs “/s” to point out someone trying to be funny.

  • Wed 10 Feb

    short and sweetener

  • Tue 09 Feb

    you need to put placeholders in else it comes up as a massive email subject mate

  • Mon 08 Feb

    Of course I woke up 2 hours earlier than usual. I’m off work.

  • Sun 07 Feb

    No more zingers.

  • Sat 06 Feb

    I talk about what happened in Benidorm in this one.

  • Fri 05 Feb

    Bit of ancient Greece early today.

  • Thu 04 Feb

    i forgot to put a teaser on this one

  • Wed 03 Feb

    I had a Maccies breakfast today.

  • Tue 02 Feb

    Actually had a decent sleep last night!

  • Mon 01 Feb

    Felt like I cared for a moment might delete later

  • Sun 31 Jan

    A short story about covid (this is clickbait and only technically correct)

  • Sat 30 Jan

    I was up till 10am playing a game. Fantastic night of it

  • Fri 29 Jan

    It’s Friday again???

  • Thu 28 Jan

    I will start writing about things I’m doing rather than my feelings and worries! Just a bit backlogged in the ol' vent-o-meter 😂

  • Wed 27 Jan

    Nice job man

  • Tue 26 Jan

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

  • Mon 25 Jan

    Looks like someone’s got a case of the cba’s

  • Sun 24 Jan

    A last minute realisation of the wild west.

  • Sat 23 Jan

    Universally hated (is a phrase that appears in this entry, relax)

  • Fri 22 Jan

    You hate to see it. Also TGI weekend!

  • Thu 21 Jan

    Vampires and Amazon are on the agenda.

  • Wed 20 Jan

    Whoops of a wakeup this morning..

  • Tue 19 Jan

    Trying to piss off vegans today.

  • Mon 18 Jan

    Learned a new thing today. Nothing particularly interesting, but new.

  • Sun 17 Jan

    I’m down to the last few hundred of Casey Neistat’s vlogs.

  • Thu 14 Jan

    Am I sick today or what?

  • Mon 04 Jan

    Feeling like ab-so-lute dog shit today. This one’s a complainer.

  • Fri 01 Jan

    First of the year so I’m a bit delicate from last night. Absolutely bugger all done other than grumble at nerds on hacker news


  • Thu 24 Dec

    I decided to try doing a diary. Every diary I’ve ever wrote has started like this then there’s a gap of like 3 months then a couple of entries and then the next year happens and I have no use for the diary anymore.