I’ve been following raids around Twitch. No, not the spammy side of Twitch full of pepe frogs and kappas.. actually good streams! Kappa

Bit of backstory I’ve followed folks from the Yogscast Stream Team for an age now, but I recently got the urge to branch out a bit. I’d still recommend them of course, but this post is more about the non-Yogs streams I’ve come across recently.


He’s mean, he’s Scottish, he’s been on the telly, and he’s got a series on Netflix.

None of that matters any more though, because he’s now full time on Twitch! I mainly like Limmy as he brings something new to the table. Pepe frogs, Kappa spam? Nah. Not here. It’s all about the patter. Use your words, not your emotes.

Want more? -> Limmy on Twitch

Found Limmy after a raid from Ravs_


Dando plays spooky horror games, pops outside and does things outside so you don’t have to, or just hangs about nattering with the troops!

Stream also features viewer interaction in the form of !commands. Change the room colours, sound an airhorn, or just drop a cheeky toot. Did someone say “live heart rate while playing spooky games”? Aye they might have.

Want more? -> DandoPlays on Twitch

Found Dando after a raid from Limmy

Dandi Does It

What does Dandi do? Wouldn’t you like to know..

Contemporary dance, visual ASMR, a great graphics setup.. It’s hard to explain, check the vid. Honestly it’s the most unique stream I’ve bumbled into so far by a long shot.

Want more? -> DandiDoesIt on Twitch

Found Dandi after a raid from Dando

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